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As you may have noticed from recent posts things are changing at Performance Edge and those changes are for the good! 2017 will see a major revamp of our programs, several new offerings, and a new and improved location for classes. Many of these changes are things that our students have been asking about for a long time. In order to facilitate the big things that are coming next it was necessary that we go ahead and move on from the 340 United Court location. Please stay tuned for details on our interim location. As we get closer to the relaunch you will find all the news on our FaceBook page! 2017 is going to be an exciting year!

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Is there someone that you think should take one of our classes? Here is a great way to help encourage them to attend. Buy them a gift certificate for the full or partial price of the class. Of course you could always buy one for yourself as well.

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Learn How To Fight.....Learn How To Win!

Performance Edge Martial Arts strives to provide individuals interested in sports competition, self defense, fitness, or personal enrichment a realistic combat athletic training curriculum as a means of personal growth. While each of these types are looking for different results, we realize that all of their goals can be reached by the same path.

We are committed to the idea of an ego-free, performance based training environment. Our athletes come in all shapes and sizes and from widely varied backgrounds with a common goal of developing their abilities to their highest levels through training hard and pushing past their personal performance boundaries.

Our MMA classes center around the core components of Striking (Boxing and Kickboxing), Clinch (Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling), and Ground Fighting (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). Our Combatives classes cover Hand-to-Hand combat, Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, and Firearms. In all of our training we put the utmost importance on the development of a “Fighting Mindset”. We maintain an environment in our gym free of rank, bowing, or ritual.

The underlining philosophy governing all of our courses is Performance over Perception. A Perception based martial art focuses on image, not skill. We are a Performance based martial art, meaning we test everything we do against a resisting opponent. All classes are taught in an “Alive” manner using force-on-force to ensure performance and understanding under real-world pressure.

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